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There are different home remodeling options available that are overwhelming for homeowners who are looking for construction or renovation.

When you are sure of getting into a home remodeling project, you need to understand different viable options along with benefits and drawbacks as well as suitability for the particular area.

One such material for construction is Granite stone. Specifically, out of various colors of granite stones, Absolute black granite is always in the trend.

It is the best option out there for modern kitchen countertops for those who prefer a luxurious appearance to their living space.

The article below highlights all about absolute black granite. You will get comprehensive knowledge if you are ready to invest in a home renovation project.

What is Absolute Black Granite?

absolute black granite

Absolute black granite is hard rock with consistent color and texture. This beautiful granite is quarried from Southern India and is also known as Indian Absolute Black Granite, Nero Absolute Granite or Jet Black Granite.

It is a pure black stone with no imperfections, variations, and mineral deposits. When you look closely, you can see tiny grey mineral deposits throughout the surface that shines in natural light.

The deep dark color looks elegant for any contemporary or traditional design project. The designers recommend using it in both commercial and residential projects.

Mostly, people use it on kitchen countertops as it covers stains and also gives a stylish look.

Why Pick Absolute Black Granite?

Less visibility of Stains

Women of the house are usually worried about cleanliness and maintenance. The color of this uniform granite resolves the problem.

The stains are not visible on countertop even if it is not cleaned on time. This feature makes it the most suitable material for kitchen slabs.

Beauty and Elegance

Absolute black granite with its deep color is considered as one of the most beautiful stones. It is a color of luxury.

Deep dark color with tiny grey speckles looks elegant wherever it is placed. The element of beauty persuades people to pick this natural stone for their home remodeling project.

Easy to Maintain

Like other granite stones, absolute black granite is also easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about its cleaning as the surface can be cleaned with any wet piece of cloth.

However, please avoid using any harsh chemicals that can damage the shine of the slab.

Resistant to High Temperature

This stone is durable and can withstand any temperature.

This is the reason it can be installed in the kitchen as well as in outside sitting like gardens and pool sides.


Absolute black granite blends well with any home décor items and furniture. It adds beauty to the house when paired with wooden décor items.

You will love the appearance of the living area with black granite on the floor that matches with a large window and a cornered sofa.

Absolute Black Inspiration for Your Next Project

If you are planning to invest in any commercial construction project or home remodeling, you need to know about the material that suits your next project.

If you are in a quest to know about popular granite stone or granite for flooring, it should be noted that absolute black granite never goes out of style and it is a one-time investment.

It is best suited for various areas including:

Living Room Area

The dark-colored polished surface of absolute black granite looks stunning when blends with light-colored granite.

This combination gives a luxurious look in the living area where you can place any furniture item for decoration.

Kitchen Countertops

Black countertop is a one-stop solution for those who prefer a dark theme. This high-end kitchen countertop with uniform color looks splendid when you match darkest granite slabs with wooden cabinets in the kitchen.

Moreover, it is the perfect choice for kitchen countertop as spills and stains are not much visible on it.

absolute black granite bathroom countertop


The vanities in the bathroom should be darker in order to cover makeup stains.

Thereby, absolute dark granite is the perfect choice for bathroom vanity where you can place your makeup accessories without any fear of staining.

It also looks good when used as bathroom floor tiles.


Black absolute granite when placed at backsplashes and paired with shaker cabinets is a complete picture one can desire for.

It gives the appearance that you have done something special in this area, which makes it more attractive than any other part of the house. Black granite will give a very classy look to your kitchen as a backsplash.

You may also choose from different colors like white, gray, brown etc., but if you want to go all out then black would be the best option.

Outdoor Cladding

Outdoor wall cladding is an upcoming trend where dark-colored stones are always a perfect choice.

Absolute black granite stones will look striking in this process.

Final Thoughts

With no fear of limited resources, you can now get into home remodeling with a wide array of granite options that look elegant.

Absolute black granite is one such option that can surely meet your desire for a perfect-looking home.

If you are a granite buyer and want to get any professional assistance in this regard, feel free to contact Boston’s countertop specialist.

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Related Questions

Why is absolute black granite so heavy?

Dark black granite is denser than any light-colored stone. It contains a relatively high level of iron and magnesium thereby, it is heavy.

Is black granite out of style?

Black granite surface never goes out of style, it remains in the trend. The only thing that changes is its shade which varies from deep blue to grayish brown.

What is the difference between white and grey granite?

White granite has a lighter tone while grey granite has a medium tone. Both have their own unique features but they both work well together.