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Having granite countertops installed in your kitchen is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. Granite come in different interesting shades, textures, colors, and patterns and these make them a remarkable addition to your kitchen set-up.

Aside from the elegance and beauty granite countertops can create in your kitchen, they’re also extremely hard and durable. If properly maintained, they could even last you a lifetime.

The enormous strength granite possess makes it possible for you to be able to cut your veggies, tomatoes, and what have you directly on countertops without even using a cutting board.

But, is it safe to do so? Will it not affect or damage the countertop over time?

Can I Cut on My Granite Countertops?

Yes, you can!

There are times you might want to quickly slice, cut, or dice your tomatoes, carrots, veggies, and so on without having to drag yourself to where your cutting board has been placed.

When you think of the type of countertops you have, and your strong desire to keep it beautiful and shiny all the time, you have no other choice than to abort mission “cut-on-my-countertops” and immediately go for your cutting board.

However, if you have a granite countertop, there’s absolutely no need to stress yourself that much. You can quickly slice your apple or cut that orange on your granite countertops without you having to travel a few steps to where your cutting board has been placed.

Granite is one of the toughest natural rocks. Not only is this igneous rock not susceptible to scratches, wear, and tear, it is also highly heat-resistant.

It can withstand hot temperatures without losing its ever-present, tireless stamina and ageless beauty. This is why it has always been one of the first choices of homeowners around the world.

With proper care and maintenance, this durable stone can last you a whole lifetime, even without using sealants on its surface. In fact, the strength and hardness granite countertops have can dull your knives’ edges at the end of the day, when you continue to use them on the granite countertops surface.

Knives are commonly made of steel and steel materials have nothing on granite! As a matter of fact, granite is a mineral material that can only be affected by a similar mineral for it to be damaged.

Granite countertops are not only hard alone, but they also possess a naturally exquisite beauty that doesn’t fade quickly and easily.

This is why you may want to know if cutting on your countertops will not cause slight damages that might eventually disfigure your countertops over time.

Cutting directly on your granite countertops is no big deal if done only occasionally. Granite is designed naturally to withstand intense situations like knife cuts and extreme temperatures (whether hot or cold).

You might even want to consider regularly using a cutting board instead of directly cutting on the top of your countertops to keep your beautiful knives working for you round the clock.

cut on granite countertops

Is it Okay to Cut on My Granite Countertops?

Using a knife on your countertops may not affect your countertops, but it definitely has an effect on your knives. Over time, it can blunt your lovely knives and force you to buy another expensive set.

Granite, as we mentioned before, is a mineral material. And, to sharpen your knives, you’d also need a similar mineral stone, like granite, to smoothen and sharpen the jagged edges of your knives.

However, for a stone like granite, instead of dulling the sharp edges of your knife, it will only remove the blunt and jagged edges from your knife, thereby making them ultimately useless in the long run.

To keep your knives in a good shape at all times, you have to opt for the use of a cutting board, especially for all your heavy cooking activities.

Granite countertops may be strong and durable, but they need to be properly cared for and maintained for them to last you a lifetime.

They may not be prone to acid damages, heat & cold damages, wear, tear, and scratches, but they need to be protected nevertheless for them to retain their smooth and attractive state all through.

Constantly using a knife to cut on your countertops, especially while doing heavy cooking, can, at the end of the day, stain the surface and also cause the natural beauty of the granite to fade.

Granite countertops are like an investment, and to keep that investment in check, you need to adequately care for them. A good habit would be using a cutting board for any of your cooking activities that require a lot of cutting, slicing, and dicing.

Other Things to Avoid Doing on Your Granite Countertops

  • Limit Raw Meat Directly on Granite – Granite may be hard, strong, and durable, but they’re not non-porous. In fact, they’re one of the countertops stone materials with high permeability, which is why they’re usually sealed to prevent the quick transmission and absorption of bacteria through food, water, oil, and so on. Meat, when placed directly on your granite countertops, is one of those things that can damage it. Even with sealants in place, they can still affect the surface.
  • Limit acidic substances: Acidic substances like vinegar, citrus, and other cleaning products can etch your countertops surface, damage the sealants and also cause grease and dirt to accumulate on your countertops.
  • Careful with cleaners: Avoid using substances like bleach, and vinegar to clean the surface of your countertops.

Follow some of these tips to help maximize your overall life span of granite counters

  • Keep Cleaning Simple – You can sprinkle ordinary water on the surface and wipe it with a clean dry cloth.
  • Dry Is Best –  Always clean spills and leftovers properly after every cooking activity using warm, soapy water and a dry cloth to wipe the surface dry. Leaving liquid to sit on your countertops can etch the surface and also transmit bacteria into your granite countertops.
  • Use Trivets –  and avoid placing hot pans and pots directly on the surface of your countertops. Granite can withstand heat, however, you need to avoid putting on materials directly on the surface to protect the granite sealants and keep your countertops clean. Use trivets and potholders instead.

Final Thoughts

Caring for your new investment is important if you want your countertops to last.  The good thing is that they are very forgiving and durable.

Do you want to know more about granite countertops?

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