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You’ve probably considered granite countertops if you’re considering having your countertops replaced.  The question always comes up of how much do granite countertops cost when planning to replace or install countertops. 

This stone is beautiful, durable, and unique. No two pieces are ever the same, so your countertop will be one-of-a-kind.

It is an investment that will add significant value to a home, so examining it will help determine how much you want to invest.

The cost is a major deciding factor for most purchasing decisions. However, there are many factors that go into the cost which will make every homeowner’s situation is unique. 

Knowing how much granite countertops cost will help plan accordingly.

What affects the cost?  These are some facts that will factor into your investment for your home remodeling project.

Location of Your Granite Countertop

The location is going to impact the cost for the stone suppliers. You’re going to probably pay a little less if you live in an area where the granite is cut. 

Some hard to find granite stones may actually be imported internationally which may be desirable depending on the color/style desired. 

You can often get a better deal since this is close to seaports if you live near the coast.

However, if you want to save money, using a local distributor is going to be your best option. 

Transportation costs may be added by the stone supplier if your location is not in their coverage area. 

Finding a supplier that can install the countertops will also help to lower your overall cost.


Granite can be found around the world and is produced in the United States. It can also be imported from countries like China, Italy, Brazil, and India. 

The type of stone that you choose for the countertops is going to impact the cost. One example is Blue Bahia that hails from Brazil. 

This exotic granite is in high demand and may cost $100 for a square foot, not including installation costs.

The blue granites tend to be higher priced while a white or tan granite is going to be less expensive. This is due to mere economics of supply & demand.

You can shop online or visit local showrooms such as RSK Granite & Marble. 

Keep in mind that the names of the granite may not be the same. However, choosing a different color may help you save money.

how much does a granite countertop cost

Square Footage of Your Countertop

Before you start to compare prices, you want to measure how much granite you’re going to need. 

Knowing the dimensions are very important in determining the overall cost. Most countertops use an L-shaped design and may also include an island. 

You’ll have to consider what cutouts you need for the sink, cook tops, and faucets. Before installing the granite, the fabricator will come to the house and make a template to follow.

Small projects such as bathrooms are usually less expensive as they tend to use a smaller amount of granite. 

In fact, very small countertops may even be produced from granite remnants. Make sure that you measure the space as this will change your overall cost.

Granite Countertop Installation Costs

This is actually one of the biggest elements that factors into the price of granite countertops. 

Although you might be tempted to just look at the cost of the granite itself, installation is a major cost. 

Your stone fabricator should provide you with an estimate or quote when shopping but be sure to ask if this is not included.

Check the quote and see if the removal of the old countertops is included. If not, there may be an additional cost for this service. 

You may have additional fees if there are any outlets or plumbing that make the job more complicated. 

Make sure that you have the sinks, cook tops, and faucets on site to make the installation go smoothly if the house is having countertops installed for the first time.

Granite Backsplashes and Edging Treatments

This won’t be a factor if you have the countertops by themselves. However, many countertops look great with a matching backsplash or a specific edging treatment. 

These come in a wide range of selections and can enhance their appearance as well as functionality. 

The most common selections for backsplashes are 4-inch. Discuss this plan with the fabricator and expect to pay an extra cost that is associated with customizations.

Using Granite Remnants

A small project such as a bathroom vanity can often use granite remnants. Some stone yards will keep leftover pieces of granite for potential customers to peruse. 

Often, these leftover pieces come with a significant discount. 

Keep in mind that you won’t have a great deal of selection. You may not be able to use a remnant if you want the granite to match the style of a granite countertop elsewhere in the home. 

However, for a small countertop, this is a great option that is worth asking your supplier.

What Should I Budget?

While all of these factors play a role in the price, you can expect to pay approximately $40-100 per square foot of granite. 

The total price for installation and materials runs around $2,000-4,500. Keep in mind that this is not a firm number but it may help to have an idea of what you can expect to pay. 

You should consider the cost to determine if it can fit into your budget or plan if you are building a new home or doing a major overhaul.

It’s also worth noting that granite countertops should be seen as more than an expensive material. 

They are extremely durable and with proper care, will last your home a lifetime. They also add to the value of the home and may increase your selling price if you happen to move. 

Many homeowners see granite countertops as being an investment for the future and factor this into their purchasing decision.

how much does a granite countertop cost

Installing Granite Countertops

The best way to go about moving forward is to measure the space and dimensions for the countertops and have a general idea of the desired color. 

This will help you begin the shopping process. When you are closer to having them installed, ask for quotes and read the estimations carefully.

Finally, avoid any prices that are extremely low as this may be a warning sign. A good company will have competitive prices while still offering excellent service and quality. 

Since these countertops are a significant investment, it’s best to have the job done right the first time. Use these pricing factors to decide what type of granite you should have installed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right granite countertop can be a tough decision to make on your own. If you are unsure about choosing a granite countertop, consider talking to the experts. 

The professionals at RSK Marble & Granite have over 15 years of experience. Located in Wilmington, MA, the pros at RSK can help you with all of your countertop needs.