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When investing in home remodeling or commercial infrastructure development, people prefer a stone that is strong and durable. Each of the natural stones has a different strength rating.

The strength rating is measured through the Mohs scale. The higher the score, the greater will be the strength. The score points vary for different natural stones like granite or diamonds.

The article below gives an overview of the Granite Mohs scale and its comparison to other stones. It will be easier for you to choose the best option for your home countertops.

Let’s begin with analyzing the Mohs scale and the hardness of granite accordingly.

What is The Mohs Scale?

It is a scale to determine the hardness of the natural minerals. The stones are classified on the basis of the ranking given to them. The rating on the scale runs from 1to 10.

Since people are concerned about the strength and durability of the preferred stone, the Mohs scale characterize the minerals based on the resistance to being scratched.

Mohs Scale Testing Procedure

  1. The mineral of unknown hardness should be held tightly with the support of any table or flat surface to avoid motion.
  2. On other hand, hold a specimen of standard hardness. It should be right on the top of the flat surface of the mineral which is placed to be tested.
  3. Firmly press the surface of the standard specimen against the surface of the other material and drag it across the surface.
  4. Examine the surface for any grove cut in the surface of the mineral.
  5. Repeat the process to confirm the results.

If you are in a quest to find the hardest and durable stone for your countertops, the scale will assist you in your search. You can easily compare the hardness of each stone to get the desired strength.

Granite Mohs Scale Hardness

Granite is found to be the most beautiful natural stone. However, beyond beauty, people want resilience and strength as well.

You may wonder what the resilience has to do with the suitability of the stone as a natural stone countertops.

The main reason behind the strength is the ability of the countertop to withstand any damage or climatic extremities.

Considering Granite Mohs scale hardness, it has been observed that Granite falls at 6 to 7 on the rating scale. This indicates that it is a hard and resilient type of stone.

This igneous rock stone is mainly comprised of feldspar and quartz as well as a small amount of some other minerals.

The Granite Mohs scale ranking of 6 reflects the capability of not getting scratched with a knife either.

Generally, a hard stone is able to scratch other materials and can also get scratches from other stones depending on the hardness. Granite is one of the harder types of stone that it gives scratches to other stones without getting damaged.

If you feel suspicious of scratching or cracking any stone, granite can be the right choice as it is high of the hardness scale. It gives the best array with long-term stability and life span as a kitchen countertop.

granite mohs scale

How Granite Mohs Compared to Other stones

Considering the Granite Mosh comparison, it is to be noted that the score of this natural stone is 6 – 7. In contrast to the scores of other stones, it is the highest level making it the right choice for countertops.

Mohs scale comparison
Soapstone 1
Marble 3 – 4
Limestone 3 – 4
Granite 6 – 7


Other natural stones like soapstone, marble, and limestone are lower in Mohs scale. This indicates that Granite stands first in terms of hardness, strength, and durability.

In addition, it is a scratch-less surface which is also an indicator of hardness on the Mohs scale. While investing in granite countertops, you will be getting a perfect mineral hardness that will last longer with easy maintenance.

Why Granite is a Perfect Choice for a Countertop

Homebuilding or renovation is not an easy task, especially if you are highly class-oriented and desire a modern look. While making the decision for such a big investment, there are a number of different aspects that need to be considered.

People usually desire unique and modern design, aesthetic look, long life span, and low maintenance. They struggle to get all the features in one stone which is difficult for them to find.

Let’s discuss the distinct features of Granite that make it the perfect choice for a countertop. You will be stunned by the features of this natural stone that you get all in one.

Some of the properties making Granite a perfect choice for a countertop include:

Design – Granite comes in variant designs and colors. It has a beautiful texture that is loved by most people.

The crystalline composition creates a unique pattern and design. You will surely get the design of your choice in your preferred shade.

Durability – It is found to be the hardest and durable stone as compared to others. It is the right choice for your countertops due to its heat and weather resistance properties.

You can easily install it at different locations like kitchen, garden, bathroom, living area, and so on.

Easy maintenance – The maintenance of Granite enhances its value and preference by the masses. You can easily clean the surface with soft wet fabric on daily basis to avoid getting obstinate stains.

Incomparable style – The style statement created by Granite cannot be matched by any other stone. It gives a modern and bright appeal making the countertops look beautiful and striking.

Versatility – As mentioned above, Granite comes in different colors. From earthy tone to vibrant green shades, and many others like blue, grey, white, and black; this stone blends well with home décor.

By this means, it is known as a versatile stone.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is to be noted that Granite is the hardest stone with long-term stability and durability.

The Granite Mohs scale score is 6 to 7 indicating its hardness and strength which is suitable for casual use at the home.

Thereby, for home remodeling and countertops, it is a perfect choice.

If you want to know more about the Granite Mohs scale and want professional help, please consult Boston’s Countertop. You can contact them at 978-447-1001.