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Granite is the most preferred choice among homeowners. Specifically, it is the bestselling material for kitchen countertops.

There are different granite countertop designs. People choose this natural stone surface due to varying features like durability, beauty, wide variety of granite color options, and so on.

Nevertheless, some of the end-users have concern with heat resistance property of granite.

The main query of the consumers is related to the extent to which granite can be exposed to heat along with the potential for cracking.

If you are one of those who want to develop an understanding of heat damaging the granite surface, the article below debunks all the myths.

Can You Put Hot Pans on Granite Countertops?

Granite material is originated from igneous rock that is mainly formed by the long process of cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

This entire process takes place at a very high temperature which makes the stone extremely hard and heat resistant.

This led to the fact that granite countertops are resistant to heat. It allows you to put hot items like hot pans on the surface without getting it damaged.

As you all know, it is an igneous rock, there is no way you can reach that extreme heat or igneous temperature at home i.e., about 600 degrees Celsius.

The heat-resistant property of this natural stone surface can also be determined by the fact that this stone can withstand a direct contact with a hot iron as well.

Nevertheless, this does not make it heat proof and allow you to make a habit of leaving your granite slab to continuous heat exposure at the same point regularly.

The granite stone is popular in the market as it has greater strength of bearing excessive heat.

However, you are suggested to consider using potholders and heat mat to avoid getting scratches in the long run.

Does Heat Damage Granite?

As you all know granite is a natural stone that is made under extremely high temperatures. This is enough to understand its heat-resistant nature.

You should not be worried about a little harsh temperature or direct heat affecting your granite slab. This stone is used to of taking heat.

The main concern of people with high heat is cracking. You do not have to worry about heat in the kitchen with granite countertop as it is a durable and a heat resistant material.

However, you should keep this in mind that persistent exposure to heat or placing a very hot pan on the same point of the slab may end up in stubborn stains or discoloring of the stone.

This staining or discoloring would require professional polishing or additional cleaning by using the recommended granite stain removal only.

The only way heat can damage the granite is by the rapid change of the temperature. For instance, if you have placed a bucket full of ice on the slab and then set down a hot pan on the same spot without letting the surface reach the normal temperature.

This may result in cracking the granite countertop. This process is similar to glass cracking when a drastic temperature change occurs.

Other than cracking, continuous heat at the same spot may damage the sealing of the stone. As we all know that natural stones require sealant application to protect the finishing of the countertop.

This is why, you should use potholders as a precautionary measure to protect the granite countertop.

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How Much Heat Can Granite Withstand?

Granite is resistant to heat and can withstand a temperature of 480oF. This may even reach the further extreme at about 1200oF.

It has been observed that the melting point of dry granite is 2219 – 2300oF. At this temperature, a granite stone may get cracked.

Otherwise, you can expose the granite stone to any temperature in between 480 – 1200oF.

You only need to avoid an abrupt change in the temperature on granite counters. Such as placing anything cold on the surface right after placing an extremely hot item.

Once the granite surface gets back to normal temperature, you can place anything without any fear of damage.

This indicates that this stone is safer to be used casually in the kitchens with granite countertops. You should feel free while placing any hot pan on your granite kitchen countertop.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, granite is an ingenious rock that is made under extreme temperature making it heat resistant.

This property makes it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops. However, you should be aware of the damage that can be caused by an abrupt change in the temperature on granite counter tops.

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Can a hot pan crack granite?

A well-maintained granite countertop will not get cracked when a hot pan is placed on it.

What kind of countertops can you put hot pans on?

The only countertop materials on which you can put hot pans on are sintered surfaces and soapstone.