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How to clean quartz countertops is one of the least worries homeowners have when the piece is just getting installed. 

We all assume it would only take a moist cotton fabric, dipped into a mixture of detergent and warm water with a little mil of disinfectant to clean. And that’ll be it. 

Except that, caring for the overall stability of your quartz counters would require a bit more than that. 

Although Quartz is like a cactus plant that doesn’t require intensive care or so, it is still crucial to look after your countertops especially by cleaning and polishing.  

In this article, we discuss everything from dealing with spills and dried food crumbs, to routine cleaning and deep cleaning quartz worktops. 

But the very subject begs the question.

Do Quartz Countertops Stain?

Even though you have read it.  It is true, quartz countertops are stain-resistant, yet it does not mean they don’t get stained. 

Especially when the stain material is reportedly left there to linger without getting cleaned up immediately. 

Quartz counters will get stained when they come in contact with chemicals that are strong enough to damage the finishing on top of them. 

They will also get stained when minor food debris and other materials are left for a long time without cleaning. 

That said, how do you make sure you do good quartz countertops cleaning?

Clean With A Soft Rag and Liquid Soap

First, there are routine ways to remove mild stains from atop your quartz counters. 

There are ways to deal with the stubborn stains on your quartz counters. To start with, we will walk you through the easy stuff. To be honest, this doesn’t involve much work. 

You simply get a soft sponge or washcloth and immerse it in warm water with a soap mix. Run the washcloth gently across the surface of your quartz countertops. 

Do this until you’re satisfied with the outcome. However, this is only half the gist.

Scrape Dried Gunk off the Quartz Countertop Surface

If you do pretty heavy work in your kitchen area, then it’s only normal for your quartz counters to be littered with food debris. 

Some of which have hardened so much that a mild swipe would not be enough to clean. 

In this case, run a plastic putty knife across the surface of your quartz counter to scrape away food debris or even dirt that escaped your gentle swipe. 

However, this isn’t the rocks of the Sphinx and you’re not scraping to reveal ancient handwriting on the wall. You’re simply cleaning. That’s all. 

Therefore you must scrape with caution. Most food debris buildup will answer to a mild scrape.

Just so you’re not caught using the wrong material or utensil for this purpose, keep a putty knife handy. 

It could be in a cabinet or drawer close by so you can reach for it anytime you need to do the drill. 

Cleaning quartz countertop is not rocket science. You simply need the right information and materials and you’re good to go. But there’s more.

Use a Degreaser

If we’re to be realistic, food debris is only one of the many things that could drop on your countertop surface. 

We know there will be oily materials too. Lots of them. 

Especially if you do a lot of deep-frying and baking. Or your kids just love cookies and you’re too kind-hearted to deny them the pleasure for as little as a week. Well, you’re in luck. 

Several degreasing agents could come to your rescue. Just make sure it is safe for quartz stone surfaces. 

What that simply means is, ensure your degreaser doesn’t have elements of bleach in it. Else your quartz countertops would go bonkers soon. The same goes for disinfectants. 

Always be sure nothing that looks or smells like bleach makes it within 100 yards of your countertops. Be sure you get cleaning sprays or other products that are meant for quartz counters.

cleaning quartz countertops

Use Tough Stains Remover For Your Stone Counters

When stains prove immune to your detergent or degreasing agent, then it’s time to apply an adhesive stain remover. 

You do this by applying the agent directly on the point of stain and leave it there for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then you rub a wet washcloth on it as hard as you can. 

When you’re at a loss for a proper stain remover, use some caramel. You heard that right. Caramel comes handy here due to its qualities to stick. Strange but true. Try it! 

You could also try other chemicals such as Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol where you dip a portion of a washcloth into the mixture and rub against the stain. 

Rubbing alcohol is usually best to clean tough stains on your quartz counter surface.

You could use a glass cleaner where you apply it over the stain and allow it to stay for a few minutes then you wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

What Should You Not Use On Quartz Countertops?

Caring for your quartz countertops is pretty nice and easy. The question, however, is knowing what not to do. What not to use and what not to apply. 

Let’s see a few of those

Avoid Harsh Cleaners on Quartz Counters

Products such as drain cleaner, turpentine, nail polish removers, and dishwasher agents are a no-no for your countertops. 

These chemicals are capable of weakening the chemical bonding of your countertops. Other liquids to look out for are concentrated bleach and oven cleaners. 

When your countertops come in contact with any of these chemicals, rinse the affected portion with lots of warm water, dish soap and clean with a soft cloth.  Glass cleaner also works to clean as well.

Don’t Use Your Stone Countertops as a Cutting Board

Although scratch in stain-resistant, they will succumb to heavy slicing and chopping activities when you don’t tread with caution. Always use a cutting board so your countertop surfaces don’t get disfigured with etching lines from your knife.

Don’t Expose Your Quartz Countertops to Extreme Heat

When you install a new quartz counter, you might want to go buy hot pads and trivets. Consider these as accessories to the countertop. 

Dropping pots and pans at high temperatures could affect the resin on your countertops surfaces. Do this for a long time and you get a crack. 

Therefore, always use a hot pad or trivet in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this helps you to figure out the different ways you can clean your new quartz counters.

Feel free to reach out to the professionals at RSK Marble & Granite if you need any further help.

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  • Can I Use a Magic Eraser on Quartz Countertops?

If you’re bothered about using a Magic Eraser for your countertop, then you shouldn’t. Magic erasers will not scratch your surface. Moreover, they have proven well in concealing scratches and etches.

  • How Do I Make my Quartz Countertop Shine?

One of the sorriest states to be in is to watch your countertop lose its shine and not knowing what to do about it. If this sounds like you, then your next purchase could just be a Tenax toner. The type used for engineered stones. 

This product will restore the shine and also improve the color of your countertop. However, you must discontinue the use of liquid soap on your countertop as it has the potential to dull its color. 

Liquid soaps leave behind layers of residue that dulls the color of your countertops over time. 

Which is why it’s important to rinse surfaces after applying liquid soap.  So, there you go. These are the nitty-gritty of how to clean quartz countertop.

  • How to Clean Quartzite Countertops?

You are in luck if you need to clean your quartzite stone countertops.  You will use the same cleaning products to clean quartz for your quartzite counters as well.

There is not much difference as to what you would use for your quartz worktops cleaning.  Make sure to utilize some dish soap, glass cleaner, and cloth for most stains.