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Granite is an excellent choice for a durable and attractive countertop if you have to remodel your home. Learning how to cut granite countertops is still worthwhile to know even if you leave it to the experts.

While good granite can be costly, cutting means a lot, and you can save money by doing it at home.

Cutting granite emits pieces of dust and rock that can injure you if you don’t wear protective wears. Please put on a mask against dust and eyeglasses before using a saw. Saws and grinders are noisy and can damage the ears, so keep on earplugs before switching it on.

Wear the correct safety equipment and plan the first cut. Use a dry circular saw to make an excellent cut, a wet circular saw to reduce the dirt, and dust or a corner lever to cut holes for sinks and cooktops. 

After you have finished, install the counter to create a new look for your bathroom or kitchen.

Acquiring & Measuring a Granite Countertop


1. | Tighten the countertop to a worktable or another strong board

Press on the side of the countertop to connect clamps 2 to 3 ft (0.61 to 0.91 m) each. Get the slab to remain as firm as possible to reduce the risk of chipping it during cutting.

Check your setup by tossing your work table and countertop a little. If it seems that the countertop is moving freely, add more pins to it.

Try to put the countertop on top of any 2 foot / 4 ft (0.61 m X 1.22 m) pieces of clumps if you don’t have a nice, solid surface, to hold it on the floor.

2. | Measure the countertop space you have

Figure out what width the countertop ought to have if you haven’t already. Choose a spot for the countertop in your house, and then use a tape measure to calculate the wall space available.

Also, measure from the wall to decide the width of the countertop. Use it as a size reference when you are to replace an old countertop. After you finish dismantling it, check its length and width.

3. | Hold tape of a painter on the place you want to cut out

Place a piece of tape over the table to be used as a saw guide. The positioning doesn’t have to be great.  The tape does have to be in the right place, so you can cut it as you cut it into the table.

It is an excellent way to protect the granite against the blade thereby lessening chip damage. 

If you cut through the length of the counter, for instance, lay a single tape strip across the table.

Try to put it where you plan to cut. Place extra tape to protect the cutting area if it is not 100% correct. 

Pick the tape of a painter and other necessary tools online or in a local hardware store.

4. | Mark a detailed outline of the tape with a marker.

Use a marker or other dark coloring device to draw directly on the tape carefully measure! 

You’re cutting through this line when you run the saw, so keep it as accurate as possible.

When you make space for a sink or cooktop, note that these features usually come with cardboard Patterns, you can trace them on the countertop. 

Use the pattern to create a more precise cut

Check the measurements for a second time before you go on. Check again for the second time to make sure the outline is fine. 

Making a mistake could damage your countertop.

5. | Wear a dust mask, protective glasses, and ear protection plugs.

Cutting granite produces a tremendous amount of dust and noise, so take some precautions before turning your saw on. 

Remove gloves, jewelry, and long-sleeved clothes that might be caught under the saw.

Ventilate your area if you have the opportunity to do so, Open close doors and windows, and then switch on all fans. 

The best way to avoid dust going into your house is to work outdoors. If the work was done indoors, ventilate and wash, and scrub using a damp fabric.

Avoid others coming close to the area until the cutting and cleaning are done.

Use a Dry Circular Saw To Cut the Countertop


1. | In a circular saw mount, a diamond-tipped blade.

Standard metal blades are not going to do when cutting stone, carefully select an edge to preserve the granite as well as the saw.

Try to use a regular circular saw 7 1⁄4 in (18 cm) with a diamond blade measuring 7 in (18 cm). Make sure that the blade is specially designed for use on granite to minimize the risk to your countertop.

Ceramic blades and other material types cannot cut through granite. Diamond-tipped blades are a bit expensive, but it is worth having.

2. | Make a small back cut of 2 in (5.1 cm) with the saw

Align the blade with the cutting mark you’ve made, then start cutting the granite. Start at the table’s edge and cut along the tape steadily and slowly.

This will definitely create a small starting point that will help stabilize the granite while you continue to work on it. 

Since granite is prone to cracking, cautiously take time to make an additional cut to reduce the risk of countertop damage.

3. | Use the saw to finish the cut at the opposite end

Go around to the countertop’s other side, then start cutting along the outline you’ve marked on the tape Work slowly, with a small amount of pressure holding the blade to the granite. 

Keep it on the line.

This will take a while, but a perfectly cut countertop is worth it. As long as you hold the saw firmly and steady, it will cut relatively quickly through the tape and granite.

You don’t have to put much pressure at all. Forcing it can cause it to crack some Pisces of the granite countertop.

4. | Repeat the process with all the additional cuts that you need to make.

Begin with back cuts before turning to the opposite end of your guidelines to finish trimming the countertop to size.

It can take 15 minutes for each cut to finish, so don’t hurry. Take your time to get a clean, unbroken countertop edge.

Workers Cut New Countertop for Faucet

Creating useful holes with Angle Grinder


1. | Mount a diamond-tipped blade on an angle grinder

Use an angle grinder to make a hole into a thick countertop. An angle grinder is a strong tool that looks like an electric hand saw.

You will require a sturdy blade, typically around 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter, made for granite use. 

Angle grinders are often used to cut and polish hard, abrasive materials such as stone, but when picking the correct cutting wheel, you still have to be careful.

If you choose the wrong one, both the machine and the countertop could be damaged.

2. | Lower the blade to the line you’d like to cut

Hold the blade along the top of the line; be careful not to cut past it. Cut into the tape and through the granite as you keep the blade at 90 degrees to the countertop. 

Then move the blade along the path to finish the cut. 

Note that it is better to cut the excess granite later in the line if you need to. 

When you cross the line, you’ll end up cutting into the portion of the countertop that you want to keep, and you can’t fix it.

3. | To make them easier to finish cut diagonally through rounded corners.

After you’ve made the initial cut, it’s easy to complete the rest of the work. Keep the blade steady as you get to the corners of the outline with gentle yet consistent pressure cut across the stone to the adjacent side of the outline when you get near the edge.

It is much easier to make straight lines than to try to cut around a curve, so this will help you get a good-looking countertop. 

A slow and steady tempo makes an excellent countertop. Trim off the stone rather than trying to force the blade to remove large parts of it.

4. | Trim the hole by cutting it again along the outline as necessary.

Go back around the hole cut it down until the outline you created during the measurement phase is complete. 

The chances remain that after the first cut, the hole won’t be wide enough, especially if you were careful with it. 

Nevertheless, expanding it is a simple process. 

Redo the cut with the angle grinder until the hole is wide and consistent. Cut through the center of the hole to the edges of the outline for the rounded corners.

To cut off small chunks of granite every time, push the blade in straight lines. You’re hopefully going to end up with fine, round corners.

5. | Place the appliance into the countertop.

If you have a sink or cooktop drop-in, lower it into the hole where you are cutting. If not, lift it from under the countertop. 

Be sure it fits correctly before using a silicone sealant to seal it in place.

If you have measured well enough when drawing the outlines, no further changes will be needed.

The hole is sometimes more significant than you need, but with an angle grinder you can get out of the edges, you can’t fix a hole that’s too wide, so cut carefully.

Steps involved in calling a Granite Countertop Expert

It is always fun to choose a good granite slab for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. 

Before taking samples home, you need to see natural stones in all its raw beauty in the showroom, choose the most appealing option for your interior decoration, and go back to the store to make a decision.

The next step needs further careful consideration: to select the right contractors for the installation work, choose a professional or expert installer.

Even if you’ve ordered a prefabricated granite countertop that’s already cut, some things might go wrong with the installation if you don’t have the experience, and you’ll want to stop such headaches.

Here are a few considerations:

  1. Know what you are paying for
  2. Get great references
  3. Check their previous works
  4. Inquire about cuts, edging, and seams
  5. Ask about finishing and sealing

A Call to an Expert is the Best

  1. If you are concerned about an excellent countertop getting damaged, let it be cut by an expert. A bad cut could damage a countertop that could be used.
  2. Cutting granite is best done outdoors because of the amount of dust emitted. The dust isn’t too hard to clean up if you have to do it indoors, but it takes some time and extra effort. RSK Marble & Granite has the best experts who are capable of handling your countertop installations, giving you a high-quality result.
  3. Once you cut it, you will have to find a way to move the granite. Have someone around to give a helping hand in removing the heavy slab of rock.
  4. During the cutting process, some slight vibration can lead to a mistake. Please protect granite the best you can when trying to cut it.

Final Thoughts

Buying from and calling experts or professionals would be an excellent idea. A reputable company like RSK Marble & Granite is the best place to go.

With years of experience from RSK Marble & Granite, you’re going to love the look and the products they will create for you. They make the most beautiful countertops of Quartz, Granite & Marble.

RSK Marble & Granite experts have over two decades of experience. They are a reliable stone installers and fabricators for both commercial and private properties

So getting an expert is more time saving, they will have all the tools and materials necessary for a significant countertop installation of different kinds.