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Is countertop fitting a do-it-yourself (DIY) stuff? Or does hiring an expert more convenient and time-saving?  Learning how to install countertops will help give you options to DIY or hire an expert.

In this countertop guide, you’ll understand what you have to do to settle on the right decision.

Depending on what kind of countertops you are buying; fundamental carpentry knowledge/skills is necessary. There are so many options from laminate to granite, marble & quartz countertops.

If you have to do some intending to get a countertop to fit, or cut in a sink opening, it can get somewhat trickier.

Before you take on a DIY project, get acquainted with everything you can about the knowledge/skills required for establishment. You may discover you have them and need to try it out.

You may likewise arrive at the resolution that because of the undeniable nature of the area and the cost of the materials, leaving the job to a professional/expert who does it consistently is the best alternative.

Let’s walk through all that you have to know how to improve the look and feel of your kitchen with new countertops.

Carefully Measure Your Countertop Before Making an Order

Ensure that the area is appropriately measured. Get all the appropriate widths and lengths and determine whether you are installing your sink separately with a single piece or a one set sink.

Make a sketch and afterward, beginning from the back wall, measure the definite lengths from the wall to the edge of each run of cupboards. 

Include 3/4 into the length of each segment to take into consideration. Enable an additional inch to distend into an unsupported range space.

When you complete your estimations, take your measurement to your countertop provider and examine your arrangement to ensure you’ve considered every contingency. 

In a case that you don’t have a home focus close to you or your lumberyard doesn’t give this administration, check the web for “Countertops.”

When you put in your request, get some information about conveyance to your home. By and large, the odd shapes are inconvenient and won’t lay safely over the family vehicle.

Choose the Desired Countertop

You can use the Internet to research many kinds, models, and suppliers before you make a purchase. Occasionally, you may find closing deals to save you a lot of money. 

Remove the Old Countertops

Replace the old countertop carefully, paying special attention to the cabinets and sink. Before installing the new one, dismantle the existing countertop.

Dry Run

Set the countertop to fit smoothly on the shell of the cabinet. It may be necessary to cut and sand the countertop correctly if it is not perfect. To scrape unnecessary marble, use an electric sander.

Add a Backsplash

Be sure that it fits firmly against the wall when applying the backsplash. Square it down and make any necessary adjustments before continuing.

Add Adhesive

After checking to make sure that you have a tight fit, stick all the materials using a 100% consistent silicone sealant glue. The use of transparent silicone is excellent because the content is highly stable and does not discolor any white marble.

 Consider using dark adhesives since they will influence the appearance of marble. Before using adhesive, add a wet wipe with alcohol all through the entire marble surface.

All dust will be eliminated. Ensure the excess glue from the marble counter is washed immediately


After the installation is checked, allow the countertop to set overnight to ensure a consistent bond was formed. Make sure all corners are checked adequately.

Place high items on the countertop during drying so that a strong bond can be formed. Take a line to ensure that the countertop is precisely on both ends.

Clean the Countertop

Using a damp smooth cloth wipe, for a clean countertop. Avoid applying abrasive product while cleaning, so you can prevent your new marble countertop from scratching the surface.

Be mindful that the old countertop needs to be appropriately disposed of. It can trigger sharp edges and perhaps loosed bits that could be harmful when separated from the cabinet cover.

countertop installation

Essential Tools for Installing a Countertop

Have the Basic tools for DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and discomfort.

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Belt sander
  • Caulk gun
  • Circular saw
  • Clamps
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Dust mask
  • File
  • Handsaw
  • Hearing protection
  • Jigsaw
  • Safety glasses
  • Marking tool
  • Straightedge
  • Measuring Tape

Materials Required for Installing a Countertop

Prevent last-minute shopping trips by getting all your items ready in time. They are as follows.

  • 1-1/2 in.steel angles
  • 1-1/4-in.drywall screws
  • 5/8-in. long no. 8 screws
  • 80-grit sanding belts
  • Acrylic caulk
  • Masking tape
  • Miter bolts
  • Premade cabinets
  • Silicone caulk

Installing Granite Countertops | Overview of Steps

  1. Buy DIY Granite Countertops
  2. Prep the cabinets to measure the space
  3. Install the granite countertop
  4. Cut the ply-wood sinkhole
  5. Join the seams
  6. Glue the countertops down
  7. Glue the seams

Installing Quartz Countertops | Overview of Steps

  1. Prep the area
  2. Measure your material
  3. Dry lay your countertops to see if the sizes fit.
  4. Fit in your kitchen sink
  5. Install ledges where necessary
  6. Cover kitchen cabinets before adding adhesives
  7. Insert the countertop
  8. Hook in the sink then drain.

Installing Marble Countertops | Overview of Steps

  1. Take cautious measurements.
  2. Select a countertop.
  3. Remove the old countertop.
  4. Make sure the cabinets are levels and fit.
  5. Cut a Wood Model Out of 5/8′′ and Fit in for a test
  6. Use the Wood model to mark the countertops to cut
  7. Use a diamond blade to cut the marble or stone countertops
  8. Screw the Plywood Template to your countertops
  9. Dry fit the Countertops 
  10. Glue the countertops down
  11. Install the backsplash
  12. Install your sink

How to install Soapstone Countertops | Overview of Steps

  1. Take a measurement and build a template
  2. Cut and sand
  3. Measure the island counter and cut
  4. Set the pieces of the island
  5. Sand the countertops
  6. Return to the stove counter
  7. Fit in the faucets
  8. File the edges and sand it
  9. Install the backsplash
  10. Use the finishing oil for a shiny look.


Why You Should Hire An Expert to Install Your Countertops

Some of the countertop installations are very time-consuming. You may have a few weekends to do your job, is that worth it to you? 

Or don’t you think a qualified and reputable company like RSK Marble and Granite would be the best choice? That’s the decision that everyone has to make for themselves.

It’s not going to hurt to get quotations for your kitchen or bathroom countertops that include installation.  Ask Professional countertop contractors like RSK Marble and Granite to break down material and labor costs.

Once you have an estimate of the installation cost, you can determine whether it’s worth trying to do it yourself. In some cases, those with developed skills and experience may be said to do so themselves.

For most people, the expertise needed in many styles of countertop installation makes it a smart decision to give the installation to a qualified countertop installer.

RSK Marble and Granite is a stone material provider, installer, & fabricator that provides the stones and installs them in residential and commercial properties in The New England area. 

They are qualified and also have over fifteen years of experience in the field.

With the help of professional Countertop installers, your kitchen, fireplace, work area and or bathroom will have a fantastic finishing look.

Final Thoughts About Countertop Installation

When using fragile and costly products, it is ideally in your best interest to hire a professional contractor. Careful measurement, expertise, and special tools are needed to ensure a superb countertop installation.

For instance, soapstone may break if it is not installed correctly or cut. Contractors would take their team to the worksite as the materials usually have weight and require heavy lifting.

Buying a countertop and where to buy it is another thing. Where you buy this stone is a big choice to make, because getting a quality stone will determine both the quality and how long it will last.

RSK Marble and Granite is the best place to buy quality countertops.

They are a reliable stone installer and fabricator company that installs all kinds of countertop stones for both commercial and residential properties.

RSK Marble and Granite also provides you with a full customer support service and gives you a smooth project.

RSK Marble and Granite have over fifteen years of experience in installing and fabricating countertops, making them the best place to buy high-quality countertops.

Getting countertop professionals to provide you with the necessary materials and services will also guarantee that the materials slabs are correctly secured to suit the area closely.

Fill out our form here or contact us at (978) 447-1001. Our staff will follow up with you by phone with all the details for your next project.