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Kasmir white granite, the Indian beauty that comes straight from the quarries in Tamil Nadu, is a freckled stone variety with dark brown and sometimes red granules. This salt and pepper combination that decorates the natural stone so beautifully is composed of white feldspar, greyish-toned quartz, and mica.

In recent years, Kashmir white granite has become one of the ideal granite choices of homeowners. The subtleness of this light granite gels perfectly with the elements of a home, accentuating the look even further, and probably that’s the reason for it being so high in demand.

What is Kashmir White Granite?

To tell precisely, Kashmir white granite is one of the exceptional natural granite varieties as it is not 100% granite technically. It is porous in nature, and the presence of minerals quartz and mica is what causes those garnet-colored specks that vary from light to dark tones.

Darker granite or absolute black granite is also one of the loved variety of home decorators. But a natural granite surface that is as beautiful as white Kashmir granite is hard to find.

This granite is so flawlessly full of different colored speckles that it brings out a character unique to your home.

Pros & Cons Of Kashmir White Granite

As distinctive as it is, Kashmir white granite requires a little more care than other dark granite varieties.

One aspect that can be counted as both an advantage and a disadvantage is that each Kashmir White Granite slab is different, and the color can vary a lot.

While these variations make the granite unique and bring out a character, it can also become a problem for someone looking for consistency throughout a stone setting.


  • White granite gives an impression of a place to look wider. It elevates a place beautifully and makes it look nice and tidy. Ideal for kitchen, backsplash, or countertops, this stone never fails to accentuate the overall look.
  • Kashmir granite cost scale is somewhere above $50 for a 2-centimeter thick slab. Keeping in mind the luxury it brings by adding a good resale value to your home, the stone stands exceptional in this regard.


  • Fabricating Natural Kashmir White Granite is not that easy, and only professionals can help you with that, as just making a hole in the slab will require you something much sharper than a diamond-cutting drill. That’s how strong the stone is, so DIY projects are not possible with this stone.
  • Sealing Kashmir White Granite is important. Maintenance of the stone is easy but requires regular sealing. A good quality granite sealer should be enough, but it requires regular sealing. Unlike in other darker granite varieties of which once in six months or a year sealer application is enough, for Kashmir granite, one would need more sealing applications depending on the porosity of the slab.
  • There can be issues with staining. Kashmir granite stains very quickly. Condensation from a can of cola can leave a ring behind on a white granite counter. One needs to be extra careful and needs to make sure if it’s sealed properly.

kashmir white granite countertop

What Does Kashmir White Granite Work Well With

Kashmir Granite works well with backsplashes, entire wall ensembles and countertops. Depending on the insight of an interior decorator, a lot of vibrating elements can highlight a space using this fabulous granite.

The lustrous shine of the white granite with that garnet, brownish or black-colored specks makes up for a luxurious kitchen accessory. Durable materials such as Kashmir granite are best for kitchens, as their light shades will marvelously compliment different cabinet colors.

When speaking of backsplashes to smoothly fade in with the whole kitchen look, light colors are always preferred. It is like a tiny detail that makes all the difference, and here is when this Indian granite beauty can do wonders. 

Or, if you have a glass tile backsplash installed already, Kashmir white granite countertop will help accentuate the look even further by reflecting its shades on those glass tiles.

In any way, your guests will not be able to stop themselves from appreciating your natural stone.

Final Thoughts

With my 15 plus years in this industry, I can say that though Kashmir White Granite can be a little demanding in terms of maintenance than other granite varieties, it won’t leave you disappointed at all.

Keeping granite countertops clean, the time to time application of a good quality granite sealer and precautions while using it will be enough to keep the stone young and increase its lifespan.

It is always safe to have more insight into the type of natural stone you are dealing with.

Here at RSK Marble /& Granite we are Boston’s countertop experts can guide you all through it.

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Related Questions

What colors are in Kashmir white granite?

Kashmir white granite has a white base with different colored flecks of dark brown, garnet red, or cloudy-white grey. The presence of minerals is what causes the variation in colors.

Is Kashmir white granite stain-resistant?

Kashmir white granite is superbly durable, but it is not stain-resistant unless you apply a good quality sealer to secure the granite. This exceptional variety of white granite can stain more quickly due to its porosity level being higher compared to other natural stones.