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If you are under the pressure of home remodeling and want to invest in the most durable material for countertops, you are at the right place.

People usually prefer style and beauty with strength and durability. In this regard, the mineral hardness scale is beneficial. It indicates the relevant forte people want for their bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Like other stones, marble is also tested through this scale. Marble mohs scale score highlights its strength and suitability for homeowners.

The discussion below will help you in getting the perfect thing for your countertops that will enhance the beauty of your house.

What Is Marble & The Mohs Scale?

Marble is a rock that is made by recrystallizing carbonate minerals like dolomite or calcite. This metamorphic rock is a combination of various rocks that are combined under intense temperature and pressure.

It is to be noted that the main component of marble is a calcium carbonate that contains acidic oxide. It takes hundreds of years for marble formation. It is found in the most ancient parts of the Earth’s crust.

Marble gives a unique and stylish appeal. This is the reason it is widely used in sculptures, monuments, and buildings. Interior designers consider it a style statement that gives a natural and artistic look.

However, other than style and beauty, strength and durability are equally important. The scale that is used to measure the hardness of the minerals is known as the Mohs scale.

Mohs scale, also known as the hardness scale was developed by Frederich Mohs in 1822. The scale detects the hardness of the stones through a ranking that varies from 1 being the softest to 10 being the hardest material.

Homeowners and construction service providers make use of this scale while moving ahead for their infrastructure projects.

Marble Mohs Scale Hardness

The mineral hardness scale is useful in every aspect either for home designing or for commercial infrastructure purposes. The scale indicates the suitability of the natural mineral or stone for varying purposes.

Mohs scale hardness score is reliable and benefits the users. As we all know, marble is the most used and natural stone, its relevant strength and durability are also measured using the Mohs scale.

As a composition of calcite, marble has a score of 3 on Mohs scale hardness. Due to the relevant strength, it is easy to carve making it the best choice for ornamental objects and sculptures.

It is also feasible for homeowners to carve it for customized vanities and fireplaces. The low hardness on the Mohs scale allows it to be a useful material for such home remodeling projects.

marble mohs

How Marble Compares To Other Stones

There are a wide variety of options for homeowners to choose from when it is about bathroom and kitchen countertops. People prefer having the material that gives style, beauty, and low maintenance issues.

In this regard, the comparison between different natural stones helps the readers in planning their home remodeling accordingly.

It has been observed that marble is a common choice of people for floors and décor items. The reason behind this is the shiny texture and polish that appeals to the viewers.

In contrast, granite and other natural stones are comparatively less shiny. When you look closely, granite has a flecking texture whereas marble resembles colorful veins like surface that swirls throughout the stone.

Although both are natural stones, marble holds a significant position among homeowners. This is due to its gleaming appeal that gives a luxurious look to the entire house.

It has become a style statement and a perfect choice for countertops as well as vanities and fireplaces.

As per Mohs scale, Granite has a score of 7 whereas, marble stands at 3.

Nevertheless, the hardness of marble is comparatively less than the granite other than few exceptions like Imperial Danby.

This type of marble has a better water absorption property as compared to classical ones like Calcutta or Carrara.

Why Marble Is an Excellent Choice for Countertop

Marble is found to be the most gorgeous stone natural stone. It has a variety of shades and textures that gives an elegant look.

There are a number of different features that make marble an excellent choice for countertops. Let us highlight those distinct properties of marble in a comprehensive manner.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning of marble is easy. You do not have to use special products. The marble surface can be cleaned with a damp soft cotton fabric with or without using soap.

If you clean the surface regularly, it will last longer and will not create any hassle for the homeowners.

Elegant Appearance

Marble countertops give a luxurious look to the place. It enhances the beauty of the kitchen and brightens the area that elevates mood.

Similarly, when used as bathroom countertops, marble is found to be an excellent choice as white and earthy shade make the bathroom spacious.

Wide Variety

Marble comes in a wide variety of types and colors that adds value to the countertops. You can find unique and modern shades for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Some of the well-known marble shades for countertops include Makrana, Botticino, Brescia Sinai, Venatino, Carrara, Calcatta Borghini, Crema Marfil, and so on.


Marble is known for its luscious and shiny texture. It can withstand a high dose of polish for a glamorous look.

The silky effect looks amazing for bathroom vanities. You will be amazed by the artistic appeal it gives to the countertops.


The versatility of the marble comes with its different and unique shades. People usually place different home décor items in their kitchen and bathrooms. Marble easily blends with interiors.

Final Thoughts

Succinctly, it has been observed that for decorating home, redesigning countertops, and making vanities, marble is a splendid option.

You need to be aware of its hardness and strength before making the decision of installing it. This would help you in getting long-lasting results.

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