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Granite, marble, and quartz are 3 different, but closely similar (in terms of their overall appearances), materials that are commonly used in both modern and traditional homes. These “special” materials are particularly common, among homeowners and contractors alike, for their smooth and alluring appearances & patterns.

You are probably here because you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom and replace your countertops but don’t know which of these materials to go for.

Don’t worry!

We are here to assist you, all the way, in making a suitable decision, not for your home alone, but for yourself as a person too.

In this article, we’ve provided all the information you may need on marble vs granite vs quartz countertops to make a quick decision on which to use and start having the remodeling work done on your home immediately.

Choosing The Perfect Material for Your Kitchen Countertops

Honestly, when it comes to home remodeling and redesigning, changing your countertops is not the real challenge. The real challenge you might face is making a straightforward decision on the exact material to use.

Making the right choice for your kitchen is extensively dependent on a number of factors: one of which is the cost involved. You’d also want to consider and reconsider the color, pattern, as well as the style that perfectly fits your overall kitchen structure and design.

Without any doubt, the choice you’d make must be durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. But that’s not an entirely difficult thing to do.

The difficulty you might face, however, is in choosing a material that’s remarkably attractive, and, at the same time, tough enough to withstand any heavy activity that’d be done on them, and also last you a lifetime.

So why should you choose any one of them for your home remodeling or refurbishment at all?

Marble | A Stone for The Ages

Marble is a metamorphic rock that has been put through what scientists refer to as “metamorphism”. This means it has been subjected to pressure and heat and has been ultimately reformed into a luxuriously tough stone that’s perfect for your home countertops fabrication.


  • Unique appearance: marble has an elegantly fine appearance. It also comes in a number of vibrant colors (gray, yellow, white, blue, black, or pink) to suit your personal preference.
  • Heat-resistant: marble can withstand intense heat conditions, and would be a great choice for cooks and bakers.
  • Highly durable: are you looking for a countertops material with the natural tendency to last long? Marble is a great option for that.
  • Increases the value on your home: marble is also a wonderful investment you can make. It increases the appeal and value of your home when you eventually decide to rent or sell.


  • Porous: marble is porous and can easily absorb liquids without a quality sealant to protect its surface.
  • Susceptible to scratches: compared to other stone types like granite and quartz, marble is more susceptible to scratches. This is why you need to properly seal the surface of your countertops to give it the extra protection it’d need from scratches.
  • Expensive: the cost of installing and maintaining marble countertops is quite high. It is not a wipe-and-go countertops material, and it can cost you a considerable amount of money to have it installed in your home.

granite countertops
Granite | A Modern Classic Stone

Granite, another natural stone, is one of the most attractive stones in the world. It has been used over the years in constructing massive buildings, stately residences, and unique statues. It is made up of different mineral materials; quartz, feldspar, and mica.


  • Hard and durable: granite is an extremely tough substance. It’s so tough that using a knife on its surface can damage its blade. It is not susceptible to scratches and can last you for long if sealed and maintained properly.
  • Indestructible beauty: granite is also richly beautiful. They have an almost indestructible appeal that perfectly syncs with every interior design and set-up. Granite also comes in different amazing colors like red, white, brown, black, and gray.
  • Heat resistance: granite is resistant to heat. It can withstand heat without weakening or damaging.
  • Adds value to your home: do you plan on putting your house on rent or for sale later on? Having granite incorporated in the interior design of your home can increase the value on it.


  • Porous: granite is porous. Without a protective seal in place, it can easily absorb stains and liquid. You’d have to occasionally reseal the surface of your countertops to keep its beauty intact all the time.
  • Vulnerable to cracks: as hard or tough as granite are, one thing that you’d want to be cautious about is their potential vulnerability to cracks, breaks, and chips. To avoid these, try as much as possible not to drop heavy objects on your countertops.

Quartz | Quality Stone With Luxurious Look

Quartz is an engineered stone often used as a material in fabricating countertops in modern and traditional homes. This type of material is made from a combination of plastic resins and ground-up stone particles.


  • Durable: when compared to granite and marble, quartz is a way more durable material. It is just as strong as granite, with less likelihood to crack, break or chip.
  • Non-porous: because quartz is made from a mix of plastic resins and natural stones, they are also less permeable than granite and marble. Your countertops do not even need extra sealants to protect them from liquid, oil, or stains.
  • Easily maintainable: quartz countertops are stain-resistant. You can easily clean and maintain them without totally sweating yourself out.


  • Loses its bright color easily: quartz is just as beautiful and alluring as granite and marble. But, one annoying drawback is their discoloration over time. If exposed to intense heat and/or direct sunlight, they can lose their color and original appeal.
  • Not resistant to heat: quartz is not as heat-resistant as natural stones are. You’d want to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface of your countertops if you want to keep the shiny surface intact.

Making Your Final Decision

Marble, granite, and quartz are three of the wonderful choices you can make. They are all beautiful countertop materials with advantages and disadvantages; which even makes it a more confusing process for you to just pick one for your home remodeling.

Countertops fabrication is a serious business because it is not something that’d be repeated again.

To get it right, you’d need to consult expert countertops fabricators like those at RSK Marble & Granite who are ever willing to provide the help you need. You can reach us on 978-447-1001 or by requesting a quote here.