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You will have to decide on the material for the countertops if you’re making the decision to remodel a kitchen or bathroom.  

There are a vast number of choices, but ultimately you may be deciding between quartz and granite countertops.

When you consider the differences between granite versus quartz countertops, there’s not one correct answer. 

You may be wondering if there really is a better choice or if it comes down to aesthetics. 

To help break down the distinctions, these categories will help you to decide what’s right for your home. 

However, first, make sure that you understand the differences of each material.

Quartz vs Granite Countertops

Granite is a hard stone that is 100% natural. It can be mined from around the world although it also found naturally in the states. 

The mining process involves cutting it into a reasonable size and then polishing the stone to a finish.

Quartz is a material that is not 100% natural. It is a manufactured material where 95% ground quartz is mixed with 5% polymer resins to create a surface that is both tough and durable. 

Now that you have an idea of the basic identities of quartz vs granite countertops, see how they compare against each other.

1. Granite vs Quartz Appearance

Granite is a stone that is natural but it can be found in a wide range of colors and patterns. This is because of the way it has been formed over time. 

When you’re looking for a subtle compliment to the kitchen or a standout piece with unique features, there is almost a limitless selection. 

You may find pieces in the same shade/tone, no two granite countertops are going to be alike. 

This feature can be either a benefit or disadvantage depending on your preferences.

Quartz has become amazingly popular in recent years partially due to its appearance. 

Quartz maintains the look of a natural stone while also allowing homeowners to have a custom design. With a granite slab, you’ll have to search for the piece that matches your aesthetics. 

You will have a much easier time with the quartz countertop selection process.  Quartz may be available in colors or patterns that you can’t find with granite.

2. Price Differences

The price to purchase and install granite countertops will vary and there are ways to save money in the process. 

However, this is a material that’s recommended to be installed by a professional. You can usually expect to pay a slightly higher price overall to purchase and install granite.

Quartz varies widely with its purchase price due to the quality and style of edging. However, if your goal is to save money, you can usually purchase and install granite for a slightly lower price point. 

Keep in mind that engineered quartz is heavier than other stone surfaces so a professional installer will be needed for this as well. 

The final point here is that you’re better off obtaining quotes to help you differentiate quartz vs granite as many factors go into the total cost.

quartz vs granite countertops

3. Environmental Concerns

Since granite is mined, the only way that it ends up in your home is by being quarried and then shipped to your area. 

This entire process uses a great deal of energy. 

There is going to be additional energy used for transportation if you choose to have granite shipped from Italy or any other international destination.

You can still use indigenous stone or even salvage stones for smaller countertops if environmental concerns are a factor for your decision.

Since quartz is a product that is primarily produced and not mined, it can potentially be more environmentally friendly. 

This will only be the case if you use a regionally manufactured stone and a local fabricator. These two factors will decrease the distance that the materials have to be transported.

4. Maintenance Differences

Granite countertops should be cleaned on a daily basis with either a mild soap or a mild cleaner. 

Oils and acids can stain granite so you’ll want to look up the maintenance if you’re looking for low-maintenance countertops. 

Granite also should be resealed once a year to maintain its longevity. The general maintenance is fairly simple but does pay attention to detail.

Quartz should also receive daily cleaning with similar materials. However, quartz is not a porous material and will not require yearly sealing. 

Quartz countertops are also resistant to staining, more so than granite, although it can occur. 

It can be burned by heat or high and low pH cleaners similar to granite so having quartz also means being aware of what cleaning materials can be safely used.

quartz vs granite countertops

5. Durability

This is probably the factor that matters most to homeowners and with good reason. Granite is a durable material and is resistant to higher temperatures as well as many other kitchen elements. 

Due to its porous nature, there can be staining if spilled liquids such as coffee or tea are left on its surface. 

The stone can be damaged by high impact blows. Overall, though, granite should last for a lifetime with good maintenance and care.

Quartz is surprisingly a harder material than granite. It is actually more durable and almost indestructible since it is not a porous material. 

It is also fairly easy to keep the countertops free of bacteria with this feature. You will have to be careful with cooking pans though as quartz can be damaged with high heat. 

Using heating pads is recommended. 

Similar to granite, quartz should last for a lifetime if the proper maintenance and care is followed. 

Its durability and other features make it a popular choice for families with young children which is important to keep in mind.

Quartz vs Granite Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard both the benefits and features of each type of material, you can make a decision that is best for your home. 

Why not consider both materials If you’re still having trouble deciding? Review the options available and obtain a quote based on both materials. 

This may help you decide which material is ultimately best for your home. 

Regardless of your choice, you can be confident that both quartz and granite are long-lasting with good care and can be a great asset in the home.

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