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One granite option that has risen to glory in recent times is the Santa Cecilia granite. And this is thanks to the beauty and the wide variety of applications it’s useful for.

I bet you’ve also been hearing about it. However, you’re not exactly certain what it’s all about. Well, you’re not the only one there.

In this article, I’ll tell you all about the Santa Cecilia granite. I’ll even tell you what you consider when buying.


Santa Cecilia Granite for Kitchen Countertops & Other Projects

One good thing about the Santa Cecilia granite is the wide variety of applications it’s useful for. Yes, you can apply it to a wide range of use. And, of course, you can count on it to fit in perfectly.

One prominent project that you can apply to your Santa Cecilia granite is to bathroom and kitchen countertops. There is a wide range of Santa Cecilia granite-type that fits into this use.

However, beyond this, they are also useful if you want a natural stone tiled ground. This is also the case if you want a granite backsplash. Also, you can do this both outdoors and indoors. And this is because the Santa Cecilia is a dense granite.

So, whether indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or bathroom, the Santa Cecilia granite can come in handy.  Check out our other article here on some of the most popular granite choices

What Colors are in Santa Cecilia Granite?

We all know that the goal is to fit the granite into our home. As such, we are constantly worried about the available colors. And, of course, how they fit into our homes.

Well, it’s all understandable. Here’s what you should know.

Describing the color of Santa Cecilia isn’t an easy task. This is because while its bedrock comes with a creamy appearance, there’s more to it. And this is largely due to the variations that come with it. You’ll find that the variations can range from light to off-white, to gold, and even dark colors.

So, while some will claim they got a cranberry-colored granite, others are wowed by its golden touch. Even in some cases, you might find yourself getting a granite with taupe or orange stripes.

Still, keep at heart that granite is a natural stone. As such, it’s impossible to find identical variations. Precisely, each granite is unique, offering a beauty like no other.

Also, the Santa Cecilia granite will take different forms based on the reflection of light. For instance, with direct sunlight, you’ll see a golden sparkle. Then, on cloudy or dark days, you get a somber, dull, yet gorgeous granite.

Popular Types of Santa Cecilia Granite

Now that you’re aware of the colors, you’re likely wondering what the available types are. Luckily for you, there is a wide range of Santa Cecilia granite that you can purchase. They include:

Santa Cecilia Light Granite

Santa Cecilia Light Granite

Also regarded as Samoa Light Granite or Latin Pearl, this option comes with a unique consistency. With this option, you enjoy accents of gold, brown, and black in your granite. It’s quite beautiful and can fit into your kitchen and bathroom.

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite

Santa Cecilia Gold Granite

This option falls within the gold category. And this is thanks to the large deposit of yellow that makes up its variations. However, you’ll find some brown, black, cream, white, and even some touch of burgundy or claret here. While it maintains the beauty of the light granite, it’s less consistent than it.

Regardless, it brings a nice touch, perhaps dramatic, to your kitchen and bathroom.

Santa Cecilia Classic Granite

Santa Cecilia Classic Granite

Also regarded as Samoa Classic or St. Cecilia Classic, this option is wow. It brings the consistency of the light granite. It then couples it with a light-yellow look that lights up your environs. You’ll also find a touch of burgundy, black, and brown. As such, it would be a great option for your kitchen.

Santa Cecilia White Granite

Sanata Cecilia White Granite

Next up is the white granite that combines white and gold primarily. And this is thanks to years of oxidation. Just like every other option on the list, the white granite provides beauty like no other. As such, it’s a popular fitting for your home.

Santa Cecilia Dark Granite

Santa Cecilia Dark Granite

Also regarded as Samoa Dark or Giallo Cecilia Dark, this falls under the gold-gray category. With this option, you get a variety that combines burgundy, ivory, and black within a white slap. It’s a combination of elegance and beauty that’s fit for both your kitchen and bathroom.

Buying Tips for Santa Cecilia Granite

So far, you’ve got an idea of the various options you can opt for when buying a Santa Cecilia. Still, there’s more to consider to ensure you buy the right thing. Well, here are some tips that will help you do this.

  • Avoid looking for a specific color by its name.
  • Also, if you’ve found a color inside a magazine or online, it’s quite tricky to find the exact color within any store. This is because there are no two slabs. Thanks to various factors such as the lighting in the bathroom or kitchen and during the photo shoot, the real slab is always different.
  • Ensure you buy from a single bundle. This is because each bundle comes from the same block. And with it, you can get a uniform granite.
  • Where it’s possible, ensure you assess the granite at different periods of the day and inside real light. You can even take a sample home to get a realistic reflection of how it’ll look in your home.
  • Ensure your granite comes with a warranty, at least 10 to 15 years
  • Do the lemon juice test to determine if the granite is highly sensitive to acids. This way, you can determine if its kitchen fit or otherwise.
  • Ensure you get a professional installer. This way, there’s no mistake during installation.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Santa Cecilia granite is a great choice for both your kitchen and bathroom. However, there are loads of things that deserve your attention when looking to buy one. In this article, I’ve discussed all of them.

So, now that you know better, get to the market. And give your home that touch of the Santa Cecilia granite.

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Related Questions

1. What Color Cabinets Does Santa Cecilia Granite?

Your espresso or dark cabinets are best suited for the traditional dark Santa Cecilia granite. On the other hand, the maple cabinets fit best with the mustard to yellowish granite colors.

2. What Color Backsplash Goes with Santa Cecilia Granite?

Typically, the backsplash colors include white, bone, cream, and light tone colors. You can then use various materials like glass, copper, travertine, and the Santa Cecilia granite.

3. Does Santa Cecilia Granite Need to Be Sealed?

You don’t need to seal your Santa Cecilia granite. This is because most of its slabs get resined by their factory, and it’s a seal that already offers permanent protection.