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Granite is a material that adds beauty to your home and the surface you use it. I know this because I have used granite countertops on different surfaces in my home, such as my cabinets.

But while granite is a nice material to use, there are a few things to note about preparing your cabinets for it.

When you fail to make adequate preparations, you might end up with a poor result. You have to understand the best ways to go about it. If not, you can cost a bit of lost time and may end up spending more money.  We will help you prepare for these additions.

What Is Granite Countertop

Granite is from stone quarries. It is a natural stone that is cut into slabs and polished to serve as a countertop, especially in the kitchens.

It comes with a great appearance and a unique one, which serves your needs if you’re looking for a high-class appeal for your cabinets.

If you’re on a budget, this material should not be within your consideration. This is because granite countertops are premium and top granite countertops that rank high among others in the market.

Using granite countertops on your cabinets is a fine way to achieve some level of uniqueness.

All you need is to ensure your cabinets are in good condition and all other relevant issues are addressed.

How To Prepare Your Cabinets For Granite Countertops

There are some steps that you need to know when preparing your cabinets. Doing things wrongly might compromise your entire surface.

But with these steps, you can achieve excellent results.

Removing The Old Countertops

Removing the old countertops is an essential thing to do. If you want to replace your old countertops, you’ll first need to remove them.

You can do this with a sharp object such as a knife. With the knife, you can separate the countertop from the wall or surface it’s attached to.

You might have screws attached to the old countertops. This depends on the countertop you’re trying to remove. You’ll find the screws beneath the countertops.

Remove the screws to ensure that the surface is ready for the installation of the new countertop.

In cases where you are not removing an existing countertop, you do not have to do all this. In such an instance, all you need to do is to ensure that the cabinets are in the appropriate condition.

It should be level because where it is not level, the countertops will not sit well. This makes it easy for the countertops to break or get damaged.

Ensure You Have Leveled Surface

It is crucial to ensure that your surface is level. This helps to provide a safe landing for the countertop. The leveled surface also strengthens your countertop and ensures it remains effective for a long period.

One way to do this is to put shims under the cabinets. The shims help to level the surface and allow the countertop to fit in perfectly.

Alternatively, you can get plywood to place on the countertops to help achieve the right leveling. When you use the plywood method, ensure to place shims under the plywood for effectiveness.

One thing to note is that when you place plywood on your countertops, there is added weight. As such, you should ensure you’re fine with the weight before going ahead.

Get Enough Supporting Materials

In using granite for your cabinets, you need to know that granite is a material on the heavy side. Its weight is a factor that comes into consideration. You should ensure not to place granite over surfaces without cabinets to serve as support.

In instances like this, get alternative materials that you can place on the surface before installing the granite countertop. Different materials can serve this purpose.

You can speak with your contractor to get the best material to use.

removing granite countertops

Remove Your Plumbing Facilities

For a house you already use, the chances are high that you have your plumbing system in place, such as faucets. To install your granite countertops, you will have to remove this.

This helps to install your granite countertops over your cabinets adequately.

In removing the needed plumbing facilities, ensure you have your system off. I have seen cases where homeowners removed plumbing appliances without first putting them off.

Cases like this are always a mess, and this can even compromise your cabinets.

The kind of mess created often takes much time to solve. In intense cases, it puts your cabinets in bad shape for the installation. To ensure a smooth installation, put off your appliances before removing them. This saves you all the troubles.

Alternatively, if you have not installed your plumbing facilities, then you need to have them ready. This way, once you install your granite countertops over your cabinets, you can begin the plumbing system installation.

This is good for the contractors because they will rather conveniently understand the right specifications that will match your countertop needs.

Take Your Dishes Away

You do not want to expose your dishes to the installation process. Certain things could cause damage to them. You should remove your dishes from the installation area.

However, if the dishes are too many, then you should get a protective sheet to cover the dishes. Either way, the essential thing is to ensure that they are well-protected.

Ensure You Are Present If Having a Contractor Do it

You cannot be entirely sure of all preparations. You should be present when the installation takes place.

This way, you can quickly intervene when there is a need to remove something, or there’s a part you have opinions on. This ensures that you make the most of the process.

Inform the contractor about the reservations you have and the inputs you want to make. This ensures that the granite countertop is installed to your specifications.

Maintaining Your Granite Countertop

One thing you want to ensure you do is to maintain your granite countertop. You can conveniently do this by having a regular cleaning schedule.

You can also regularly apply polishing effects on the countertop by using your granite countertop cleaners.

This way, you can extend the service life of the countertop.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best of your granite countertops requires that you adequately prepare your cabinets before installation. This helps to achieve smooth results that are shaped to your specifications.

Understand that granite installation is not so much of a DIY project. Contact the Boston countertop experts today. You can connect with us on 978-447-1001 or reach out for a quote.

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Can I Install My Granite Countertop Myself?

Preferably not. Granite installation is something you should outsource to the experts to get a smooth and excellent result.

What Is The Most Important Thing When Preparing My Cabinets?

Perhaps the most important thing is ensuring that the surface has good leveling. This ensures you get excellent results.