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Like you, I’ve always believed in proper maintenance. As such, I looked for new ways to keep my granite countertop in top condition. After all, I need to avoid my granite countertop getting damaged.

Well, one of the things I found quite useful was keeping some things off my countertop. I’m sure you’re wondering what they are.

Don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about what to avoid on granite countertops.

8 Things to Avoid On Granite Countertops

You’ll find loads of articles telling you what you should do when it comes to maintaining your granite countertop. Clean regularly, clean with non-abrasive materials, and so on.

However, maintaining your granite countertop doesn’t end there. You’ll need to avoid some things. Well, here are eight things to avoid on granite countertops.

1. Leaving Spills on Granite

I’ll sometimes find myself scolding young ones when spills occur in my home. Then, soon afterward, I spill something.

Well, the fact is that spills are sometimes unavoidable. And that’s no matter how careful you are. However, what matters is how you handle the spills after they occur.

So, one thing you need to avoid with your granite countertop is leaving spills there. If you do, it’ll etch your granite’s seal. And, of course, stain your countertop.

So, once a spill occurs, ensure you clean up immediately. Get a recommended cleanser and get your granite back, looking all good.

2. Working Raw Meat on Granite

One thing that you’ll find pleasing is your granite countertop smoothness. And you might just be thinking, why not work on it. After all, it’s clean and even bacterial resistant.

Well, while flour might not be a bad idea, you don’t want raw meat on your countertop. Yes, it won’t harm your sealant or bring scratches, but it does something even worse.

Working raw meat can bring bacterial infection to your countertop. And this will affect your health.

Then, to clean it, you might want to try out using bleach. Guess what? You’ll then do more damage to your sealant.

So, avoid this and get a cutting board.

3. Sitting or Standing on Granite

I was wondering who sits or stands on their countertop in the first place. But then, I soon found myself standing when I needed to pick something up in my cabinets. I even sat there to buy time as I waited for my meal to get ready.

So, yes, you need to pay attention and avoid sitting and standing on your countertop. This is because your countertop can break where there’s excessive weight.

So, get an indoor ladder and avoid standing on your countertop.

4. Using Acidic Materials on Granite

You’ve got some stains on your granite countertop. And it would be best if you cleaned it. So, you get to vinegar since it’s a strong solution, and it will ensure all the stains disappear.

While your intention seems fair, the execution is entirely wrong. You will need to keep acidic materials like vinegar, soft drinks, and citrus fruits away from your countertop. This is also the same with soaps containing ammonia.

Yes, this liquid will ensure no stain remains on your granite countertop. However, they will go further and weaken your countertop. Even worse, you’ll find your countertop catching a dull look in no time.

So, better to avoid them and use basic dish soaps.

what to avoid on granite countertops

5. Storing Liquids and Toiletries on Granite

You’ll find yourself placing various liquid materials on your countertops, from cooking oils to perfumes to hair products and even lotions and creams.

However, while they are in bottles, the fact is that they can leak or spill on your countertop. Worse, you might not notice them immediately. And they will sit there for weeks.

In turn, this can damage your granite countertop, sealed or not.

As such, best to keep them away. Store these liquids and toiletries on other shelves or decorative trays.

6. Using Hot Pan on Granite

Yes, you just cooked that lovely meal. And the next thing that happens is getting it off your cooker.

Well, the nearest place that your hand takes you to is your granite countertop. After all, one of the perks that made you get a granite countertop is its heat resistance.

However, while you’re right that granite can resist heat, you’re still somewhat mistaken.

This is because your granite is only resistant for a brief period. As such, when you continuously place hot pans on it, you’ll only damage it.

First, it will weaken the sealant. In turn, your granite will begin to lose face and get dull.

So, what should you avoid on granite countertops? Hot pans!

7. Using your Granite Countertop As Cutting Board

You already heard that granite is very hard. So, you don’t have any problem putting things on it.

However, while granite is truly hard, this is a bad practice. You’ll most likely have to change your knife now and then. Well, that’s because it will get dull eventually when it comes in contact with granite.

Then over time, you’ll find yourself needing to clean up. And because of more stains, you might just be tempted to go for harsh cleaners.

Well, you already know they’ll damage your granite countertop eventually. So, your best bet is to get an actual cutting board.  This way, your knives and countertops are safe.

8. Using Generic Cleaning Products

The final thing you need to avoid is your use of generic cleaning items. These items, such as glass cleaners, bleach, and degreasers, are quite harmful to your granite countertop.

This is because they contain alkalis, acids, and various chemicals that spoil your sealant.

So, don’t think you’re saving money using them. You’re only bringing yourself more cost.

Your best bet is to avoid them.

Final Thoughts

When you buy something, you definitely want to see it last. This way, you get your money’s worth. Well, you must feel the same about your granite countertop.

However, to do this, you must avoid some things. And that’s why we’ve listed eight things to avoid on granite countertops.

So, stay informed and enjoy your granite countertop for more years.

Here at RSK Marble & Granite, we love to help out when we can.  Call our experts at 978-447-1001 with any countertop questions.  You can also get a quote for your next project here.

Related Question

What Cleaners Are Safe for Granite?

As long as your cleaner doesn’t contain acidic substances like bleach and ammonia, it should be safe for your granite. However, you’ll find dish soap and isopropyl alcohol safe when cleaning and disinfecting your granite.

Can You Use Lysol Wipes on Granite Countertops?

It’s not a good idea to use Lysol wipes on granite countertops due to its components. Typically, it contains various hard ingredients such as ammonia, which can damage your sealants and granite.

How Do You Clean Granite Countertops Naturally?

Using a microfiber towel with water will do most of the cleaning trick for your granite. However, you can always use an equal solution of water and isopropyl alcohol to clean your granite.